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If your law firm, real estate agency, valuation company, insurance company, surveying company, finance/lending company or home moving company is interested in listing under your locality on then please complete the 'List with us' form below. 

Standard Law Firm listings are FREE. (please email us if you are not already listed or complete the 'List with us' form below)

Standard listings for Real Estate Agents, Valuers, Financiers, Surveyors, Insurance Companies and House Movers are also FREE. (please email us  or complete the 'List with us' form below if you are not already listed)

Featured Listings for Law Firms / Conveyancers on are available at just $20 plus GST per month or $180.00 plus GST per annum if you wish to pay for a 12 month period. There is no minimum term contract for monthly featured listings and no sign on fee. Having a featured listing gives your firm automated quote/estimate requests from parties in New Zealand and offshore. The requests are only forwarded to lawyers practising in the area where the transcation is taking place. ensures that search results on the site do not favour any featured firms over other featured firms. Each featured firm has equal time at the top of any ranking of Law Firms in search results.

Featured Listings enable you to have logos and linkages as well as receiving general quote requests from Home Buyers and Sellers in your area.

We are currently the No 1 ranked Conveyancing site on Google* if "Conveyancing" is searched in New Zealand.


If you are a Law Firm, Real Estate Agency, Surveyor, Valuer, Builder, Financier, Insurance Company or indeed any other business operating in the Property sector, banner advertisements, both national or on a regional basis are available. For example, If  you are a Christchurch Surveying company you may wish to secure the right hand skyscaper banner if a search is conducted for Surveyors in Canterbury. Please email us if you are interested in any of these opportunities. Banner Advertisements are available from $49.00 per month plus GST.


If you are an overseas Legal Firm/Web Software Company and would be interested in exploring more about  KeyTrack and then please do not hesitate to contact us.

* as at  14 February 2012

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