About Conveyancing.co.nz

Conveyancing.co.nz is a New Zealand Conveyancing Portal owned by Online Conveyancing Limited. That company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the KeyTrack group of companies which develops web-based software solutions for the Legal and Real Estate sectors. The KeyTrack group is 100% New Zealand owned. Many of the lawyers, legal executives and conveyancers listed on Conveyancing.co.nz use the KeyTrack system for keeping in touch with their clients, real estate agents and other associated parties. To see a short video explaining how KeyTrack assists you with your conveyancing click here.

All of the firms on Conveyancing.co.nz carry out conveyancing work to exact standards ensuring that customer service and quality legal results are paramount.

Conveyancing.co.nz intends to be one of New Zealand's key reference sites should you wish to be kept up to date with Conveyancing Developments and want your transaction be hassle free and at a competitive rate. If you want to subscribe to our informative newsletter click here.

The founder of Conveyancing.co.nz (and NZ's web based KeyTrack system used by lawyers, agents, vendors, purchasers, bankers and others) is entrepreneur Richard Galbraith. Richard is a qualified lawyer experienced in all aspects of NZ property dealings and remains a current member of the New Zealand Law Society. Richard keeps up to date with the latest Conveyancing develepments by managing Fencible Law, a busy East Auckland law firm.

Please feel free to read more about Conveyancing.co.nz firms on their own sites by clicking here. If you would like firms in your area to give you an online estimate of costs then complete our Request Quote form or you can seek an individual quote/estimate from firms  under our "Find Law Firm" database.

If you have any queries about Conveyancing.co.nz's services then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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